Met Gala 2018 Fashion Looks

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This year the celebrities came out and showed out on their Met Gala fits. For some reason,  head pieces and face pieces were the trend this year.




Gabrielle Union Came through with poppin yellow. This color always looks good on black skin. Go Gabby!!


The men were looking real Zaddy-ish too. Gotta love a man in a suit.

Donald Glover in the light purple suit. He’s been poppin lately. Check out my last post on his This Is America video  


Mr. Wakanda himself still dressed in character lowkey and looking good per usual! I see you Chadwick!


Michael B could’ve done better but he’s still fine tho.


Imma let you shine Ferg but your Bae has on a lovely fur dress. I see y’all doing THAT!


Wiz looking good in this brown suit. I see you Wiz! 8975C5BA-FF09-4EDA-B2A3-99BF8CBC04DF

Even Travis Scott nice looking nice! 


Here are some of the other looks from last night.

Come through Ashley Graham with the glowing skin and poppin thighs


Janelle Monae with the head piece jewelry and hat, with a cap shirt


Mary J ALWAYS look good in white, Earlier this year, she wore all white to the Oscars and this gold makes her hair pop and skin pop. I see you Aunt Mary


J. Lo came to slay and always showing some leg. I’m here for this look!


Kate Perry tryna fly off on us with this huge wings lol, but I love the uniqueness of it.


Zendaya is giving me medieval time with this dress. The neck and shoulders look like it’s made of metal and the bottom part of the gown is fabric of course. Then her orange hair makes the whole thing pop.


Issa Rae Bae is looking good in her gold and black. She usually keeps it simple but elegant where ever she goes.


Okay…I’ll give Kim her props. She was stunning last night. Her eye make up, makes her eyes look exotic and her gold gown is simple but glowing. I see you Kim!


Shout out to 2Chainz for proposing to his wife, (I thought he was already married). She looked so happy. I love black love!


Last but not least, shout out to Lena Waithe for rocking a rainbow cape, signifying her gay pride. To me, it speaks “I’m gay and I’m proud.” I love it!



Who’s look did you love the most this year?? Comment below!


Oscars 2018 Fashion

I want to dedicate this post to the lovely Black Women who came and slayed the 2018 Oscars this year.






Oh, the men looked fine too!!





I loved these looks from the stars and SHOUT OUT TO Tiffany Haddish honoring her father by showing homage to her roots of Eirtrean gown on the red carpet…

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AND for wearing her dress for the white Alexander McQueen gown a third time at the Oscars lol. She had originally said she paid $4k for the dress so she’s going to keep wearing it lol.

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Danii Gold Out!

Why “The Wiz Live!” was AMAZING


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 I personally thought The Wiz Live was greatness. Not only was it inspired by the movie The Wiz starring Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Richard Pryor and many more but the movie added it’s own touch of 22nd century to it. Here is my list of the Top 5 reasons why The Wiz Live:


     Addaperle, also known as The Good Witch of the North, made her appearance wearing ALL BLUE, from her hair, all the way down to her shoes. She gave me an auntie vibe. Like one of your hip, middle aged, sweet aunties in your family. She gave Dorothy a kiss for protection and sent her on her way.

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ALL of the songs that he sang were perfection!!! “Slide some oil on me” and my favorite song ” What Would I Do, If I Could Feel.” It was so touching. On another note, this guy said “Why the shade?” AND he even hit the new dance, the “dab”; even though it’ origin comes from a strong form of weed, but that’s neither here nor there. Overall I loved his performance.


neyo tin man etonline
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EMERALD CITY VOGUE was live, and the dancing wasn’t over kill. It looked so smooth, clean and perfected. The dancers didn’t over work themselves. I LOVED IT. Also the “Poppies” dance was very exotic and sexy. I would not have expected that dancing for this kind of musical, but it was in tune and also clean cut.


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The Emerald City dancers costumes were legit as hell, just like their dancing AND the Poppies outfits went with their dancing…EXOTIC. I do like the the fact they added flowers on the costumes (i.e Poppy Flowers), OH and I definitely didn’t forget about Ms. Mary J. Blige. It was a cute dress minus the gadgets but since they were applied, it added an “Evil Affect” to her with the wire swirls, and the head pieces and just the black look overall. Her boots she wore were HOT and looked comfy too. I didn’t too much care for her acting in the musical but I loved her outfit lol.


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Let me break it down without going on a rant:

  • Her outfit was great…and green
  • She played a powerful character, as a black WOMAN, and the original “Wiz” was a black MAN.
  • Casting her was showing gender equality.
  • With her playing a male role then being exposed as a woman, shows that the director didn’t mind stepping out of the box.
  • Last but not least, anything she touches, she kills it.
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Danii Gold–OUT!