Blogging Challenge: Day 10: Favorite Trips

The Trip of My Life…

I actually have a top 3!

First is My Spring Break Panama Trip 2012. Man oh Man. I was 20 and it was fun! I was drinking underage of course but it was a group of 7. Me and my college friends KICKED IT!! Foam party, house party, beach fun!!! 




*slightly ratchet, don’t judge lol*

Second is My Cruise Trip    I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica; CaymanIslands; Cozumel, Mexico. It was just nice traveling outside the country and along the sea too! You gotta click the link to see my trip and it’s entirety.

Third is my trip to CABO!!!!!!!!!! <—– click the link to get the story but check out SOME of the pictures below.




What are your favorite trips?? Comment them below!!


30 Day Challenge: Day 7

My favorite song….MORE THAN ONE, I can’t pick JUST ONE lol!!

Best Thing I Never Had- Beyonce

Image result for best thing i never had

Ohh Baby Baby- Smokey Robinson

Image result for OOH baby baby

5 Steps- Dru Hill

Image result for 5 steps dru hill

Hope You Do- Chris Brown

Image result for hope you do chris brown

Games We Play- Trey Songz

Image result for games we play trey songz

Colors- Yo Gotti 

Image result for colors yo gotti

Something About the Night- K. Michelle

Image result for k michelle something about the night

Supermodel- SZA

Image result for supermodel sza

Weak- SWV

Image result for weak swv



In My Feelings- Kehlani

Image result for in my feelings kehlani

Yeahhh I have too many lol, And there’s more too but I’ll stick to these.

Danii Gold out!

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 6

What am I afraid of….death.

I understand that it has to happen but I’m afraid of the unexpectedness of it all, the sense of dying and not getting done what you’ve wanted to accomplish in life. I’m nervous of my close loved ones dying but for me, I’m terribly afraid, the feeling I have to experience and the “what not” of it. I would love to see the loved ones that have passed away while I’m in heaven but it’s just the process that scares.

Besides that, I’m afraid of mice, rats, and snakes. Scary shit. I can handle small spiders, nothing a shoe can’t kill but it’s the big stuff I can’t deal with lol.

That’s all I got for this challenge. Make sure you check out Day 5 Challenge, and Day 4 Challenge!

Danii Gold out!


30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5

My Proudest Moment

I’m kind of hard on myself. To me, my proudest moment would be marrying my best friend or birthing my first child. I guess there are others things I can consider like graduating with my Masters, Getting my dream internship at the radio station.

Personally, another good thing to be proud of is not letting things get to me anymore. Not everything deserves a reaction. Not letting people get the best of you and eliminating yourself from someones presence or a situation before letting them get you out of character. I think I’m most proud of those things. I use to be so antsy and disruptive over the little things when really, inside, I was and still kind of am a shy person. I use to react so quick and end up looking stupid for overreacting. NOW, I’m chill, but I’m moreso goofy than anything. I have an array of personalities (not in a crazy way) lol but I’m overall a better person than what i was in my early 20s and even prior.

Welp, uhhhh that’s all I got for this challenge!

Danii Gold out ✌🏾

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4


It’s a toss up between being a successful business owner involving my blog, and or being an entertainment news host. I guess I could combine the two.

With my blog, I would like to interview celebrities, individual in the entertainment industry about their work and brand in general. Something more positive about entertainers in the industry versus the same typical gossip. If anything, I would like to take their stories and branch them out into a larger topic.

That’s all I got for y’all.

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Danii Gold out!!